It rips off the flesh as the sun light fades away. The one sided shadows gives their adieu with a smirk. The creature starts to walk with a limp to it’s bubble. While one part beats with pure blood filled with the chemicals of humanity, it caressed the broken edges of the other.

Edges both sharp, rough and irregular – “the perfect recipe!”, the society praised as they licked it. Have I made you proud?, The creature thought as it observed closely to its perfect reflection. The sun rises again. The flesh with the crooked smile covers up again. And as it left the bubble for another beautiful part of life, ‘Yes Human’ was scribbled in blood over the mirror.

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Thoughts on Wishes

“Heart wished for love!”

Ego whispered to the soul.

Thoughts on Lost Love

Love is a strong word

It hurts even if you visit 

When you know it would never happen

Maybe in a dream

But everyone needs to open their eyes

Filled with salt, broken hearts and hopes

I know you feel the same

Or I hope so

Two souls drifting apart instead of growing together

Situations, distance, time, trust

Factors never ending to the broken tale

Even I can feel your heart bleeding

The bandage in my hands

The wall between us 

The wall we built

Will it ever get broken down into pieces

Running back and jumping into your arms

Maybe in a dream

Atleast in a dream

Thoughts on Panic Attacks

Ooh it’s you again. 

The tears of sorrow flows again

The memories start to loop again

It’s like a cassette player without a play/stop 

Even the light rays flashing across the room at 3 am cause reflections of the past

The pillows and blankets prepped up for the war

Make it stop the heart says! 

As my fingers quench on the bed as I feel like a thousand needles pierced through my soul

Breath in. Breath out.

Breath in. Breath out

Breath in. Breath out

With a gentle smile he walks away

‘I’ll meet you next time!’ whispered around his smile

Until then my friend

Until then…

Thoughts on Monsters

Teary eyes roused him up in the dark as the monstrous shadows creeped under his bed. 

A long grubby hand peeped up to his shoulders. 

As bewildered thoughts passed away, he grasped on to the monster’s hand.

Dragged under the bed, held tight by the gruesome arms;

Something felt better as he closed his eyes.

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Thoughts on Resolutions

Alcohols up in the air, the smokes covering the horizons. The new dawn of the illusion of life was again filled up illusions. What’s the purpose? As she looked up to the sky performing the art of fire and lights, people being astonished at the sight and justifying their creation of fireworks. No one utters the fact that the magic was always done by the skies. Tears roll down her cheeks as it takes the essence of her mascara, or was it taking the color of her mind?

It was silence between her and the mirror. It was not her reflection. It was never her’s. Wearing the makeup created by the society for her. It does good they said. Nothing but dark clouds arose from the image by it. She slowly took out a tissue. First it was the eyes. As she gently erased the sparkle from the pupil, which forced her to look only at the positive aspects of life and ignore the dark souls, and never to conquer it.

Next was the cheeks. The perfect rosy cheeks are gone. The lies of perfection, the lies of beauty. The insecurities which were always covered with glitter was gone forever. The fear of walking down the judgement lane is now at stake. But she didn’t care. She was already dead multiple times to care about it.

Last was the lips. The red glossy lips which hid the truths never spoken. It was always her helping assistant to be fake by giving the dashing smile she could ever give. It kept her locked down in feelings, chained down, never setting it free. But not anymore.

She turned on the tap, took the water in her palms and fed it to her face. The fair, smooth skin that empowered a box of lies in the name of reality was not a treasure she wanted to cherish anymore.

She looked at the mirror one more time. It was her. The soul which was hidden in the dark forest came back to life, it’s never going back. Never. Finally, a New Year resolution was alive.


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Unknown #2

Hours gone…

Hands take a grip on the chair, legs straighten up. I start to move. Or is it something moving me? From the touch it was clear that I was on glass. It lightens up each time I take a step. A small tone can be heard. The tone was becoming clearer and louder. Yes it’s my favorite song, but how…

I kept on walking till I was obstructed by a glass wall. My legs stopped moving. The music was becoming louder in the background. My hands slowly lifted and touched the glass. The light from the touch started spreading across that room of glass. The music turned aggressive from its volume, it started hurting my ears, the spreading light brightened too much that it pained my eyes, I screamed with terror.

To be continued…

Thoughts on Feelings

A knock on the door,

I knew it was you!

It’s like I perceive each & every rhythm,

Every beautiful beat,

More sweet and bitter for me.

But every second counts,

And that’s where I fail.

Every sweat that falls,

Every clumsy movement of life,

Pays for nothing else than the stab on my heart.

I know each door knob turn leads to nothing but dust;

But I can feel it, hold it, even kiss it,

Yet invisible to my eyes filled with sorrows.

Yet I wait,

For another knock.

Till my senses are lost.

Till my bleeding heart stops.

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Thoughts on a Storm

Hey how are you?

I’m fine, how are you?

I’m quite good.

Oh! Really?

Yeah, actually I’m bit down

I knew something was wrong, what’s the issue?

It’s just this problem I’m having

Haha, that problem, are you kidding me?

Is it that funny?

Of course it is, just think about the horrible things happening in this world right now

Yeah, maybe it’s just me being silly

Of course you are! Cheer up buddy.


Next day



How are you mate?

I’m good, you?

I’m great, are you sure you are good?

{Shoving all silly nightmares in my bag,

Shoving all the things that really shouldn’t matter

I must smile that’s all I know

I’m fine that’s all I know}

Yeah I’m fine

That’s good news!

Yes. I’m glad.

And I walked away with a storm raining on my head, 

Because why should you hold an umbrella when there’s a bigger storm out in the world. 

Let my storm grow as my nightmares grow too. 

Let it reach the peak so I can open my broken umbrella.

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