Unknown #1

Something is burning, is it for real or is it a feeling? The agonizing pain, it’s slowly rising like a sun awaking to the full beam. The ache, I can’t stand it anymore. I need to open my eyes. 

Pitch dark. The pain slowly descends. I realized I was tied up to a chair. But there’s no rope. I was tied with nothing. But I can’t move!! It’s like I’m paralyzed. I tried to look around within the limitations. But nothing, pure hollowness.

Where am I?

To be continued


Thoughts on Memories

​Hey little storm,

I want to let you know that I despise you.

For all the times you made me wobble up like a child,

When my blanket mind couldn’t resist the tears from your playful claps;

But when the rain of memories rush through my heart,

Nothing could make me smile more than the paper boats flying across the past.

So today my dear,

As you create one more rainbow of bliss,

I’ll shine better than ever, to make it stay forever.

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Thoughts on Insecurities

Warm hugs awakens my bliss and opens my mind

Eyes shut, the dream smiles yet the nightmares lurk beside you

Even the world screams to follow the dreams and instincts, yet the same screams the mistakes and wounds the love

It’s like pushing the rising sun to set

Because you feel like you don’t even trust the amiable rays…. ; it may shiver the souls to death

Warm hugs, I shut you down

You maybe benevolent ; but I rather shiver less.


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Thoughts on Life

If you haven’t smiled to the world with a broken soul, then you’re not going in the right path.

– Life

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Thoughts on Music

Another piece of childhood washed away

The one piece that heals me, calms me…

Now even when the iridescent rises above the numb emotions

Tears will burn down, 

Memories shall remain in the castle of glass forever.

Rest in peace Chester Bennington.

Thoughts on Marriage

…So to whom you would like to get married?

” When the vibes from my music transforms to a human soul”

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Thoughts on Games

“Let’s play a game!” They said

Write down your best school memory,

It’s been 22 years and all the papers in the room were filled with the ink of nostalgia

While one was just filled with the tears of torment.

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Thoughts on Beauty

“Hey check out this amazing insta pic of the stars” She said with astonishing eyes

“Yes it’s breathtaking” He said with a stupendous sight at the skies.

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Thoughts on Heart

Do you believe in love?

All the shattering dreams arose again

The pillows washed away by the bleeding eyes

The pinching painful kisses

The shivering ice cold hugs

The broken strings that held together the word ‘forever’


Do you believe in love? 


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